Ohio’s First Wave Of Approved Medical Marijuana Doctors Is Here!

Ohio’s First Wave Of Approved Medical Marijuana Doctors Is Here!
Finally, after almost 2 years after the bill was signed into law, we have our first round of certified & approved Ohio Medical Marijuana doctors by the actual Ohio State Medical Board under HB523!
On Tuesday, April 10th, 37 physicians were granted the authority to recommend medical marijuana to Ohio patients based on 20 ailments covered under HB523! Prior to this there were a couple of rogue clinics that would get you an “affirmative defense” card for $300 that was only good for 90 days. Hardly a real, recognized Ohio Medial Marijuana Patient Card.
As the program just crossed over a major hurdle, Ohio medical marijuana patients will still not be able to find any actual medical marijuana in the state of Ohio. The program is supposed to be up and running by September 8th, 2018. Many industry insiders think we are still a year away from a full up and running industry, the Department of Commerce insures everyone that even though it may be a skeleton industry, it will be up and running come this September.
We will list all of the doctors with their contact info and office location on our Doctors page. We will also be publishing interviews with those that are comfortable with being on camera.
All in all, a big leap forward, but Ohio is still currently stuck in the mud. But we are getting closer to patients having access each and every day with the final count down just a few months away.
Here is the current list – we will refine it, including adding contact info & profiles for the doctors as we have the time to input the data.

You can now find all of their contact info on our Doctors Page

M.D. Stands for Doctor of Medicine & D.O. stands for Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

David Zainey M.D. – Springfield (Clark County)
Charles Barrett D.O. – Chagrin Falls (Cuyahoga)
Alok Bhaiji M.D. – Middleburg Heights (Cuyahoga)
Robert Keating M.D. – Cleveland (Cuyahoga)
Hyo Kim M.D. – Orange Village (Cuyahoga)
Janet Levatin M.D. – Middleburg Heights (Cuyahoga)
Noah Miller M.D. – Beachwood (Cuyahoga)
Daniel Neides M.D. – Beachwood (Cuyahoga)
Cynthia Taylor D.O. – Strongsville (Cuyahoga)
Monique Turner-Robinson M.D. – Beachwood (Cuyahoga)
Mark Woyshville M.D. – Middleburg Heights (Cuyahoga)
Solomon Zaraa D.O. – Cleveland (Cuyahoga)
Sarah Blake M.D. – Columbus (Franklin)
Daniel Jones M.D. – Columbus (Franklin)
Bernard Master D.O. – Worthington (Franklin)
Thomas McCartney D.O. – New Albany (Franklin)
Julianne Moy D.O. – Columbus (Franklin)
Michael Saribalas D.O. – Columbus (Franklin)
Azam Shah D.O. – New Albany (Franklin)
Joel Simmons M.D. – Columbus (Franklin)
Maria Soto D.O. – Columbus (Franklin)
Jennifer Lobert M.D. – Blue Ash (Hamilton)
Michael Maloney M.D. – Cincinnati (Hamilton)
Allison Phelps M.D. – Cincinnati (Hamilton)
William Sawyer M.D. – Cincinnati (Hamilton)
Christopher South M.D. – Cincinnati (Hamilton)
Corie Kovach M.D. – Sheffield Villiage (Lorain)
Ryan Lakin M.D. – Toldeo (Lucas)
Rajendra Koirala M.D – Canfield (Mahoning)
Mark Neumann D.O. – Lambertville (Michigan)
Michael Hamilton M.D. – Englewood (Montgomery)
Jeffery Haggenjos D.O. – New Lexington (Perry)
James Wolfe M.D. – Mansfield (Richland)
Jeffery Hill M.D. – Chillicothe (Ross)
Karin Cseak D.O. – Cuyahoga Falls (Summit)
Stephen Mooney M.D. – Akron (Summit)
Adel Zaraa M.D. – Akron (Summit)